CO063 Sterling Burnett on the Heartland Institute and Climate Change

26 Feb

H Sterling Burnett Senior fellow in energy and the environment at Heartland Institute  and managing editor of environment and climate news there. He has a PhD environmental ethics.

Sterling said that he didn’t remember disputing the existence of climate change. He is quoted in 2009 by his then-employer the NCPA as saying:

Contrary to what all the climate models have predicted, over the past decade the global average temperature has fallen to its lowest levels in 30 years.

Since that was written, almost every single year has been has been in the top 10 hottest years since 1880, as reported by NOAA.

1 2016 0.94 1.69
2 2015 0.90 1.62
3 2017 0.84 1.51
4 2014 0.74 1.33
5 2010 0.70 1.26
6 2013 0.67 1.21
7 2005 0.66 1.19
8 2009 0.64 1.15
9 1998 0.63 1.13
10 2012 0.62 1.12

In 2012, before Sterling joined the Heartland Institute, they ran a billboard campaign likening anyone who ‘believed’ in global warming to the unabomber, Ted Kaczynski.

Sterling also questioned me when I mentioned the danger of vehicle fumes to humans. Research makes it clear that diesel fumes are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths annually.




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