CO017 Jennifer Briney on the ‘Congressional Dish’
17 Apr

Jennifer Briney is the presenter of the excellent Congressional Dish podcast. In our discussion, we talked about the STOCK act which […]

CO011 Nathan Damigo on White Nationalism – Part 1
03 Apr

Nathan Damigo is the founder of Identity Evropa, and he and his organisation have widely been accused of racism, which he denies. […]

CO009 Chris Kelly on America’s Military Advenutres
29 Mar

Chris Kelly is the coauthor of the books Italy Invades and America Invades. He’s also writes the American Conservative in London […]

CO006 Dr Robert Waldmann on Healthcare Economics
24 Mar

Dr Robert Waldmann is a professor of economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and he’s the editor of the Angry Bear blog. […]