CO053 Mike Buchanan on Men’s Rights

Mike Buchanan is the leader of the Justice for Men and Boys party in the UK, (and is a former member of the more mainstream Conservative Party).

Mike Buchanan
Mike Buchanan

The party hosted the 2016 International Conference on Men’s Issues in London, in 2016 in association with the organisations A Voice for Men. The leader of A Voice for Men is Paul Elam, who has written that some women “walk through life with the equivalent of a I’M A STUPID, CONNIVING BITCH—PLEASE RAPE ME neon sign glowing above their empty little narcissistic heads.


UPDATE: I got this comment from Danuta MG


Hi William,

This is the first ‘Challenging Opinions’ podcast I have heard

Very fair, balanced interviewing.

I have taken an interest in Men’s Rights and j4mb over the last six months since reading j4mb’s Manifesto.

I was moved and haunted by the unfair treatment and suffering that men face in many areas of life in our society, detailed in the Manifesto.

The questions and areas that you chose to touch upon are very apt.

In the section where you say that j4mb’s website/twitter contains a lot that shows women in a negative light – well yes,

j4mb does catalogue/collect newspaper/media articles out there that report women’s bad behaviour.

If the women concerned don’t like their bad behaviour exposed then they shouldn’t behave in the bad ways that they do or commit the crimes that they do.

The female individuals themselves are to blame for themselves being presented in a negative light.

I can perfectly understand why a Men’s Rights/Justice for Males party catalogues incidences of female bad behaviour.

For decades males as a class have been ridiculed, disrespected, talked down, criticised by feminists and the media.

J4MB are simply saying, hang on a minute women aren’t all sweet, innocent creatures, the reality is that they can and do behave just as badly, if not worse at times than men, as illustrated daily in newspaper reports etc.

Where women commit the same crime as men, the women quite often get punished far more lightly (if at all) than men.

Frankly men have had enough of this unfairness and who can blame them?

Continuing –

The main reason I write to leave a comment is that often, overlooked, not noticed, not picked up upon is a little known fact that actuallly Mike Buchanan is very supportive of women – women who are stay at home mothers, such as myself who realise how important our roles as wives and mothers are.

Women who put the most important people in our lives first – our husbands, our children, our families and devote all our time and energy to them instead of treating them as nothing more than a sideline alongside exhausting,

time consuming careers which put an enormous strain on marriages and family life.

Mike Buchanan believes that women should not be pressured into going out to work or made to feel guilty if they would rather listen to their natural instincts and be at home with their young children.

In fact Mike Buchanan is far more supportive of women such as myself than feminists would ever be.

Mike Buchanan is always very polite in correspondence, he always listens to what we stay at home mums say and reflects on it. He readily gives us a voice and blog space on his website – I can testify to that.

He also includes articles on his website about admirable women e.g Laura Perrins, co founder of The Conservative Women blog see Dec 2nd.

Out of fairness I think this women supporting side of Mike needs to be recognised.