CO057 Zach Elwood on Fake Facebook Accounts

Zach Elwood is a former professional poker player and the editor of Reading Poker Tells, but I talked to him about the articles he wrote Examining fake-American Facebook accounts posting rightwing and pro-Trump content and Top 7 signs a Facebook account is fake.

We talked about a few accounts he examined including that apparently belonging to Isabelle Jaden (see right), which was apparently originally opened in the name Naqasa Ali.

Also, accounts in the name of Elizabeth Tatishvili and Eliza Rockefeller had profile photos evidently lifted from internet images of Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence.

Strangest was the series of accounts in the name of the apparently real person Harry Taylor of Lynchburg, Virginia, all of which had profile photos of what was evidently the same person. These accounts all suddenly switched to making extensive pro-Trump postings on Facebook, many having previous content that suggested that their owners were not American, and were not the people they presented in the current version of their profile.

Typically, this content suggested connections with Macedonia or the Indian subcontinent.