Demand your data from Cambridge Analytica

Under the UK’s Data Protection Act, if any company that holds computerized records on you, they must release that information in an ‘intelligible form’ to you on request.

First, check with Facebook by checking here if your data was harvested on behalf of Cambridge Analytica. If you are logged into Facebook it will tell you either that your data was not harvested, was harvested via a friend’s account, or harvested directly.

Cambridge Analytica is currently in liquidation, but if your data was harvested you can still demand that the liquidators release to you all the information that they hold on you. They are required by UK law to comply. 

I’ve built the tool below that will automatically send a formal request to Cambridge Analytica, on your behalf, for any records they hold on you. They are not authorised in law to release your data to anyone else, presuming that they pay any attention to the law in the first place.

Demand Cambridge Analytica hand over the data they have on you:

Note: You kinda have to include your facebook profile URL so that they can identify which account is yours. To get this, go to Facebook, click on your name at the top left, and then copy the URL into the line above.

There is no need to be a UK Citizen or resident to make this request. This request goes directly to Cambridge Analytica’s administrators. I won’t share your data with anyone else or use it for any other purpose, except possibly to ask about any response you get, but obviously I can’t make any promises for Cambridge Analytica’s administrators.