CO072 Trita Parsi on Iranian-American Relations

Trita Parsi is the founder and current president of the National Iranian American Council, the author of several books on foreign policy, and he’s a regular media commentator. His latest book is Losing an Enemy, Obama, Iran and the Triumph of Diplomacy.

CO071 Hadley Heath Manning on the Gender Pay Gap

Hadley Heath Manning, is the director of policy for Independent Women’s Forum and Independent Women’s Voice, and a Fellow at the Steamboat Institute. Continue reading “CO071 Hadley Heath Manning on the Gender Pay Gap”

CO070 Ellen Brodsky on Fox News

Ellen Brodsky is the owner of the blog and was a researcher for the film Outfoxed. We mentioned research that shows that torture doesn’t work in the podcast. Continue reading “CO070 Ellen Brodsky on Fox News”

CO069 Bill Scher on Does the Deficit Matter?

Bill Scher is a contributing editor at Politico magazine and a contributor at Real  Clear Politics. We talked about his article Deficits Don’t Matter. So Why Are Democrats Complaining About Them?


CO068 Ilya Shapiro on Discrimination v Expression

Ilya Shapiro is a senior fellow in constitutional studies at the Cato Institute, and editor in chief of Cato Supreme Court Review. Continue reading “CO068 Ilya Shapiro on Discrimination v Expression”

CO067 Warren Farrell on Why Boys are Struggling

Dr Warren Farrell, along with co-author Dr John Gray, wrote The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It published by BenBella Books in March 2018. You can find him on Twitter or Facebook. Continue reading “CO067 Warren Farrell on Why Boys are Struggling”

CO066 Yaron Brook on Healthcare and Cellphones

Yaron Brook is an entrepreneur, podcaster and writer, and the current chairman of the board at the Ayn Rand Institute. You can watch his video that I raised here. Continue reading “CO066 Yaron Brook on Healthcare and Cellphones”

CO064 Heather Jones on Leaving the Alt Right

Heather Jones appeared last year on the podcast to represent the Black Pigeon Speaks website. Since then, she has changed her views, particularly in relation to the Alt Right.

The current editor of Black Pigeon Speaks has been in touch to clarify that Heather does not speak for the site and is no longer associated with it. I’m happy to make that clear.

CO063 Sterling Burnett on the Heartland Institute and Climate Change

H Sterling Burnett Senior fellow in energy and the environment at Heartland Institute  and managing editor of environment and climate news there. He has a PhD environmental ethics. Continue reading “CO063 Sterling Burnett on the Heartland Institute and Climate Change”

CO062 Linda Bellos on Battles in Feminism

Linda Bellos is a businesswoman, radical feminist and gay-rights activist. She was a member of the collective that produced Spare Rib, a British feminist magazine, and was a member of Lambeth Borough Council in London and was the leader of the council from 1986 to 1988. Continue reading “CO062 Linda Bellos on Battles in Feminism”

CO061 Anthony Davies on Broken Windows and Income Inequality

Anthony Davies is associate professor of economics at the Palumbo Donahue School of Business at Duquesne University, and presents the podcast Words and Numbers, and has written many research papers including this one which I mentioned in the podcast. Continue reading “CO061 Anthony Davies on Broken Windows and Income Inequality”

CO060 Liz Posner on Me Too

Liz Posner is a managing editor at AlterNet. We talked about the #MeToo phenomenon, and her article on Aziz Ansari, following the anonymous article about an encounter with him published on the Babe website. Continue reading “CO060 Liz Posner on Me Too”

CO059 Jay Townsend on Political Consultants

Jay Townsend is a political consultant from Indiana who has worked for a variety of candidates, mostly Republican. Continue reading “CO059 Jay Townsend on Political Consultants”

CO057 Zach Elwood on Fake Facebook Accounts

Zach Elwood is a former professional poker player and the editor of Reading Poker Tells, but I talked to him about the articles he wrote Examining fake-American Facebook accounts posting rightwing and pro-Trump content and Top 7 signs a Facebook account is fake. Continue reading “CO057 Zach Elwood on Fake Facebook Accounts”

CO056 Alex Kack on the Venezuelan Collapse

Alex Kack is a comedian and blogger, and we talked about his piece on Venezuela and its collapsing economy. The collapse is so severe that Venezuelans are literally starving; 75 per cent of Venezuelans have lost an average of 19lb, 8.5kg each. Continue reading “CO056 Alex Kack on the Venezuelan Collapse”

CO055 Heather Mac Donald on the War on Cops

Heather Mac Donald is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal. She is the author of The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less SafeContinue reading “CO055 Heather Mac Donald on the War on Cops”

CO054 Kevin Gosztola on Media Consolidation

Kevin Gosztola is the managing editor of editor of Shadowproof. We talked about his article on the FCC under Ajit Pai relaxing the rules on cross-media ownership, and Kevin mentioned in particular this piece by John Oliver about the potential dominance of the Sinclair Broadcast Group: Continue reading “CO054 Kevin Gosztola on Media Consolidation”

CO053 Mike Buchanan on Men’s Rights

Mike Buchanan is the leader of the Justice for Men and Boys party in the UK, (and is a former member of the more mainstream Conservative Party). Continue reading “CO053 Mike Buchanan on Men’s Rights”