CO012 Rob Lyons on Food Scares

Rob Lyons is the writer of the blog Panic on a Plate, and he wrote the book of the same name, which is availaible on Amazon.

In the interview, we talked about this article in the UK Daily Telegraph which talked about taking ‘Best Before’ dates off some food products such as salt and pasta in the European Union because those products have very long shelf lives.

CO011 Nathan Damigo on White Nationalism – Part 1

Nathan Damigo is the founder of Identity Evropa, and he and his organisation have widely been accused of racism, which he denies.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

In November 2007, [Damigo] had been home for a month after his second tour of duty and was suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder, drug and alcohol abuse, paranoia and flashbacks, court records show. A few days after the anniversary of a friend’s combat death, he spent a night drinking and went for a walk with a gun he’d gotten two days before as a gift. He came across a La Mesa cab driver who he thought was Iraqi, put a gun to his head and robbed the man of $43, records show.

He was convicted of armed robbery and spent a year in county jail and four years in prison for the crime.

Part two of this interview will be released next Monday, Apirl 10.

CO009 Chris Kelly on America’s Military Advenutres

Chris Kelly is the coauthor of the books Italy Invades and America Invades. He’s also writes the American Conservative in London blog.

The book Christopher Columbus and the Conquest of Paradise by Kirkpatrick Sale was where I got my references for Christopher Colombus.

CO008 John Snider on Reforming Islam

John Snider is a member of American Atheists, and a prominent member of the Atlanta Freethought Society. He’s also a celebrant with the Humanist Society which means he conducts weddings and other ceremonies. He’s also a prolific writer including for Skeptic, for Secular Nation, and for Philosophy Now, as well as being the founder of the American Free Thought Blog.

We discussed Omar Saif Ghobash’s book,  Letters to a Young Muslim.

CO007 Dr Jerome Huyler on Abolishing Welfare

Dr Jerome Huyler is the author of Everything You Have: The Case Against Welfare and Locke in America: The Moral Philosophy of the Founding Era. He is also a former assistant professor at Seton Hall University.

CO006 Dr Robert Waldmann on Healthcare Economics

Dr Robert Waldmann is a professor of economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and he’s the editor of the Angry Bear blog.

Here are some of the facts that we discussed about the cost of healthcare and the corresponding life expectancy in various countries.

CO004 Eric Schansberg on Libertarianism

Eric Schansberg is writer of the SchansBlog. He was a Libertarian candidate for the US Congress, and he’s the author of the books Turn Neither to the Right Nor to the LeftPoor Policy: How Government Harms the Poor and Inheriting the Promised Land: Lessons in Victorious Christian Living from the Book of Joshua.

As a professor of Economics at Indiana University Southeast, he is also the author of several academic articles.

CO003 RiShawn Biddle on Education Reform

RiShawn Biddle is the editor of, the leading online outlet covering and commenting on American public education and school reform. In the piece we mentioned the book Freakonomics.

CO001 Dr Mark Thornton on Austrian Economics

Dr Mark Thornton is an economist with the Mises Institute, which is named after the Austrian economist,  Ludwig von Mises, who was one of the inspirations for the Austrian school of economics.

I referred to in our conversation to the Clean Air Act of 1956, which was a successful government response to London’s Great Smog.