CO004 Eric Schansberg on Libertarianism

Eric Schansberg is writer of the SchansBlog. He was a Libertarian candidate for the US Congress, and he’s the author of the books Turn Neither to the Right Nor to the LeftPoor Policy: How Government Harms the Poor and Inheriting the Promised Land: Lessons in Victorious Christian Living from the Book of Joshua.

As a professor of Economics at Indiana University Southeast, he is also the author of several academic articles.

CO003 RiShawn Biddle on Education Reform

RiShawn Biddle is the editor of, the leading online outlet covering and commenting on American public education and school reform. In the piece we mentioned the book Freakonomics.

CO001 Dr Mark Thornton on Austrian Economics

Dr Mark Thornton is an economist with the Mises Institute, which is named after the Austrian economist,  Ludwig von Mises, who was one of the inspirations for the Austrian school of economics.

I referred to in our conversation to the Clean Air Act of 1956, which was a successful government response to London’s Great Smog.